Digital learning LMS provides a high end digital branding to the schools.

Facilitate the school teacher to come up to the best academic result and strengthen the foundation of child.

Help the school to increase the overall credebility and brand value of the school.

Over and beyond the imaginations of smart learning.

What We Offer

Studybuddy developed an innovative solution to Learning Management System which is flexible, scalable and customized for teachers and students. It is an interface that empowers the school council and streamlines education-related processes. A composite pedestal for schools to enrich their efficiency, quality and edification by providing structured lesson plans, interactive content for all classes, streamlined assignments, augmented managed content, question pool for practice to minimize the workloads of teachers and students. The involved individuals will facilitate time to time with various updating information and features.

Welcome to StudyBuddy Learning

Innovation and technology is a passion of Studybuddy, which inflicted us to develop a customized Learning Management solution to schools with the attributes of flexibility. Technology and uniqueness to facilitate edification. And also enables Students to have self-centric learning with the help of Visual learning aids. To accord with competitive world and 21st century technology our desire is to bring revolution in an education system that nurture dexterous and intelligentsia generation from the foundation. For the fulfillment of our desire we came up with the solution to Learning Management System which is a perfect blend of education and technology for next generation schools. To foster the e-learning model, in education sector the digital classroom environment and to make learning outside classroom easy and interesting, our LMS has been successfully deployed in the various schools with the wide range of features and integration, LMS that aids the school community to automate the modus operandi for students, teachers, parents and administration. We have designed easy learning solution to help teachers deliver high quality instruction with an effective blend of classroom activities and interactive multimedia. The framework of our solutions is based on the premise that students learn better through a variety of multi-sensory experiences and instructional sound activities, including hands-on activities, discussions and critical thinking activities, collaborative research, field trips and multimedia.

Download StudyBuddy App and Enjoy Hasslefree Learning at Anywhere Anytime

StudyBuddy App delivers you the best learning modules with high quality animated videos, along with low internet streaming.

Certified Teachers



The solution given by StudyBuddy is successfully working and effectively being used for teaching and learning purpose

Rani Raj

Senior PGT
Indian School Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman

Study buddy provides the prowess of new gen teaching and learning... The best app for the tech savvy learners... Education at its best.

Sumina H


StudyBuddy has successfully impelemented the Digital learning LMS. The solution is working and is effectively being used by Teachers and Students.

Abdul Gafoor Thayyil

General Manager Education

The solution is easily accessible, budjet friendly convinent to fit, Available 24x7, Can be customize as per school need.

Sr.Rosamma Joseph


E-Learnning digital content, all the modules are explained in digital and very useful for students to learn all the concept also help teachers to visualise the concept to students.

Our Products

StudyBuddy Delivers an easy learning tool for the Students across world,
which will work on both Online and Offline


Model: Offline

StudyBuddy is an online learning platform for Indian K-12 students. in this model we providing all contents in offline. Ours is the most advanced Learning Management System(LMS) that is available in the market. The entire digital content, along with the assessment software is part of the offering. We offer more than 4500 Digital contents as a part of this program

Cloud Based

Model: Online/Offline

StudyBuddy is an online and offline learning platform for Indian K-12 students. This online/offline platform is by far the most advanced Learning Management System (LMS) that is available in the market. The entire digital content, along with the assessment software is part of the offering. We offer more than 4500 Digital contents as a part of this program.

E Guide USB


StudyBuddy has come up with an innovative idea, E-guide Home based digital learning solutions in Pen Drive. This solutions does not require any internet connection after the one-time download authentication. You don't need any internet connection for using the device, and it has everything that you can get on any on line learning platform, and gives you high-quality learning videos without the hassle of monthly rental of high speed internet. And Parents don’t have the concern of child going to unsafe site or waste time and any distractions to studies.

StudyBuddy App


StudyBuddy supports small screens form factors like tablets & mobiles by auto-adjusting the screen size & content. This enables teachers & students to access the platform on any device in a user friendly manner.

StudyBuddy supports embedding content such as You Tube, Khan Academy, Crash course, WikiEducator, Slide Share and many more. Teachers can easily bring the outside content seamlessly into StudyBuddy

7+ Years of Experience

StudyBuddy believes in hand on training for learners and also support teachers. We believe in hand on support from both Trainers and learners. We have a dedicated team for the training and also for continuing support from our technical team.

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Our Pricing

Digital content along with ready to use related learning resources for your class and associated lectures

StudyBuddy USB

This will be a best tool for students Who do not having internet connectivity at home. StudyBuddy providing rich animated content along with this USB/DVD with a validity of 365 days.

StudyBuddy App

StudyBuddy App is the best e-learning app currently available in the market with a budgeted price. App deliver modules with high quality animation and tutorials.Valid for 365 days from the date of activation.

Digital Class Room

We bring exhaustive repository of world class digital modules or lessons, on every subjects in the K-12 spectrum. School will get entire content for class KG to 12 with a validity of 10 Months.

Server Based Class Rooms

This enables teachers and to access the platform on Class rooms in a user friendly manner from the school server with Intranet Facility.